building a world with linux, wickedengine, physx, and aws.

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project description
agr ag + sed
aws-ensure-route53 easily manage route53 on multiple accounts
aws-exec building services on lambda should be easy and fun
aws-gocljs fullstack web should be easy
backup immutable backups so simple that unborkable
bsv maximum performance data processing
c-argh header only argument parsing for c
git-remote-aws encrypted git hosting should be easy
go-dynamolock simple distributed locking around dynamodb
go-hasdefault a go linter to check switch statements for default
go-hasdefer a go linter to check goroutines for defer
go-libsodium libsodium should be easy
libaws aws should be easy
mighty-snitch noticing and preventing network requests should be easy
notify sometimes popup messages are for great good
ptop a minimal htop alternative
py-web simpler http servers with asyncio
py-webengine browser testing should be easy
render render github markdown to html
runclj simpler clojurescript development for minimal projects
s4 super simple storage service + data local compute + shuffle
tiny-snitch an interactive firewall for inbound and outbound connections
... more
optimizing a bsv data processing pipeline
performant batch processing with bsv, s4, and presto
data processing performance with python, go, rust, and c
refactoring common distributed data patterns into s4
scaling python data processing horizontally
scaling python data processing vertically